Thanksgiving is here. Album is on iTunes. I'm thankful!

Hi All. It took a while to post this entry as I've been busy letting friends and family know about the album being online. Everyone's been so supportive along the way. Anyway, it's on iTunes, now, so that's pretty much…


Album "Valerie" available online SOON!

Hi, Everyone. After many long days, and some long nights, we finished preping the album "Valerie" for release online. It will be available SOON for the holiday season, everywhere music is sold online. I will let you know when it…


"Lady's Lament" Concert Debut Was Wonderful!

On Sept. 19 I had the honor of debuting the aria "The Lady's Lament" from Dr. Beverly P. Grigsby's new opera, "TESTIMONIES - The Retrial of Joan of Arc," at California State University, Northridge, where she is Distinguished Professor Emerita.  …


The Lady's Lament

I'm en route tomorrow to perform The Lady's Lament, the aria Dr. Beverly Grigsby wrote for me in her new opera, "TESTIMONIES - The Retrial of Joan of Arc." I'm really pleased with singing it; it's a great aria. I'll…


New Barbra Streisand album - I'm Excited!

Hi, Everybody: I'm eager to hear Barbra's new CD, "Partners," an album of duets. Here's a link:

Barbra's new album PARTNERS, coming September 16! #BarbraPartners

I'm working on the Autumn release of my own album, "Valerie," online and where CDs…


New Blog

Hi, Everyone out there. I'm writing my first blog to announce the launch of my new website for my music, singing, music videos, performance and recording release dates, etc. Hope you enjoy the new format! -Valerie Miller