“Valerie Miller and director Rick Roemer have more of an American air about them (and, in fact, they do the more prominent Porter contributions). All of them handle lyrics with confidence and flair.” And approvingly, “Valerie Miller does "Mad About the Boy" strictly for laughs, flaunting a red boa and a thick but difficult-to-place accent.”” - Don Shirley

Los Angeles Times

“Valerie Miller powerfully interprets her more serious numbers, such as "Mama, Don't Cry”” - Don Shirley

Los Angeles Times

“Valerie Miller and Bob Fitch are stand-outs among the company.” ” - Ira Eaker

— Back Stage

“Valerie Miller stands out as the coach’s daughter Caroline”” - Bernard Weiner

— San Francisco Chronicle

“Some of the most beautiful and compelling New Age music ever written ...Beautiful melodies, a mastery of diverse styles and themes,  lush orchestrations, awesome vocals.”” - Marcus Webb

— Vending Times Magazine, New York

“Valerie’s ‘I Don’t Know How To Love Him’ was a showstopper that gave me goosebumps.” And, “She was at her impressive best  ...in the shows’s tenderest moment: ‘Love May Not Be There,’ the Nachman-Bobrow song, from Quirks.” And finally, “...it’s a  rarely satisfying hour of musical entertainment provided by three people who are as talented as they are engaging.”” - L. M. Mandellani

— Data Boy

“Valerie Miller appears with the Jack Brook show, ‘S.R.O. Encores,’ Starting June 15 at Bianchini’s in Daly City.”” - Bill Alex

— Around The Bay: Peninsula, Marin, East Bay

Tim Collins, Valerie Miller, and John Trowbridge will be reunited for a special Valentine show to be presented at the Plush Room of the Hotel York. ...Valerie Miller was featured guest in ‘Hats Off,’ co-starred with Tim [Collins] in a local production of ‘Camelot’ [Woodminster Amphitheatre], and was star of ‘West Side Story’ and ‘Fantastics’ in San Francisco; she has also been featured in several of New York’s more popular watering holes, and has played several Playboy Clubs.”

— Bay Area Reporter

Valerie Miller interviewed in The Burbank Leader article as vocal coach of Elsie Nelson, who released her new CD “With A Song In My Heart,” March 26, 2005.” - Jacqui Brown

The Burbank Leader “On The Record”

Valerie Miller steals the spotlight ...at the Plush Room in a revue entitled ‘Hats Off’ ...The billing read ‘Tim Collins in Hats Off,’ but it was special guests [including] Valerie Miller who were the real stars of the show at the Plush Room.” - Douglas Dean