Pam Ovlen

As a part-time college instructor, I was so impressed with how Valerie teaches. She has a real gift for being supportive and encouraging while getting impressive results out of the class members. We all improved so much -- and had a lot of fun doing it!


Matt Haslett

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher. I truly had an amazing experience with your class. I learned just as much from watching people work with you as I did in working with you myself. You have the unique ability to bring out hidden qualities in people that they don’t know they have, yet. I sincerely hope that you continue to teach, as you are a gift to every student that has the opportunity to work with you.


Kathryn Stiefvater

I want to thank you for your extraordinary Voice For The Actor class. It was so fun and you made it so much more enjoyable. I LOVED IT!!! And I look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you again!


Aimee J Salsman

The stylistic approach that Valerie Miller demonstrates with her acting techniques is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. Once the four methods are mastered, as an actor you will be able to take each style and combine them to create new characters and add them to every aspect of your acting repertoire. I believe I am a much more spontaneous actor now that I have learned Valerie’s unbelievably proficient technique. I am able to make definite decisions where I want my characters to go in the scene just by using the four styles Valerie teaches. You will not find a more dedicated acting coach in LA because she truly cares about helping her students achieve success. I have learned more in Valerie Miller’s six-week course than I ever did in all my years that I have studied acting. The education you will receive in Valerie’s classes is absolutely priceless. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Valerie for all you have done for me.


Sue O

Thank you so very much for your time, patience & knowledge. Your classes were wonderful! You have a warm energy & are a kind soul!


Chelsea M

The Commercial Acting class with Valerie Miller is AMAZING! Thanks, and thanks for all the hard work. ...I hope to take more classes with you in the future!


Vera Chernysheva

Valerie, or Val as some of her grateful students call her, is more than a teacher. She is an artist who has created her own system that gives you back your confidence, skill and joy - yes, there is still joy in auditioning. She becomes your mentor, your source of courage and inspiration. 


She teaches her class in the sanctuary of her studio; she teaches you in the shadow of her own talent where you can rest and gain your strength. She has created that one safe environment that we, as artists and gentle souls, seek when we expose our best, our worst, our proudest and our least dignified. She shares her knowledge and her stories, trains you in what she knows, shows you the endless aspects of your own character, answers all your questions and when you are ready to step out into the grinding world of auditioning, you realize you cannot wait to try out your new pair of wings.


"Happy, healthy, full of energy: I like me," she cheers on as you step out, terrified and elated at the same time, in front of her camera. She says it to you every time you work and eventually you begin to believe it. Eventually, you start revealing the most truthful self, and with that all self-judgement falls away and you begin to play. You begin to play because even if you are terrified of making an error (although Val does not seem to believe in that sort of thing), there is always the technique to back you up. And so, you play on.


Alas, play. Isn’t that why we all love acting? Once you begin to play, the fear transforms into adrenaline that feeds your imagination and then - watch out! There is no boundary. So, over the course of six weeks of playing you learn to treat auditions as an excuse to play with your craft and you welcome them with confidence and gratitude. 


Kerry Clemens

Valerie: When are you coming over to New York? A couple of weeks ago I saw Carmen at the Metropolitan Opera. You belong there. The woman that played Carmen reminded me a lot of you. I think that you are much better, though. You have an emotional presence that is unsurpassed. Her voice was strong like yours, but I like your sound better. Besides, you know how to ACT! It is such an incredible place. I think you would make it more so. 


Allegra Westfall

You’ve been such an awesome teacher. Thank you for your enthusiasm & all the invaluable lessons.


Charlie Gordon

I love being in Valerie’s class, she holds a warm and positive environment for learning. I think she has a tremendous talent and is always willing to share. She is an excellent acting coach with valuable information for the beginner to the advanced actor. I highly recommend taking her class.


Heather Hackett

I have thoroughly enjoyed your classes and learned a great deal, not only about Audition Technique, but about being myself and being proud of who I can be on camera. My training and experience has been almost exclusively on the stage, but after taking your class I feel confident in my ability to audition for and book jobs in film and TV.


...You’re one of the most positive teachers I’ve encountered in Los Angeles, and it’s a trait that really allows you to empower actors. I had a wonderful time and I’m extremely grateful for all of your guidance.I couldn’t have been put into better hands! Thank you so much!


Lisa C

Thanks for being such a great teacher! Helping my clients so much!


Catherine Wallace

It has been a pleasure being in your class. Many thanks!


Jennifer Cohen

I wanted to write to let you know that I really enjoyed taking your Commercial Acting Class. I think knowing and understanding the 4 styles will be very useful when I go out on auditions. I feel confident and ready to audition and work. The positive feedback you gave me was encouraging. I am lucky to have found you and chosen to take your class. I look forward to what the future will bring. Thank you for creating a valuable and enjoyable 6-week experience.


Robin W

Just wanted to let you know that I loved your CD, and so did my whole family. Everyone agrees that you are just so musically talented!! Of course, you don’t need us to tell you what you already knew!! Anyway, just thought I’d let you know that I really enjoyed hearing you sing. Thanks again for the great class!!


Meghan Ashley

You are such a doll! Thank you for such a great class, it improved my skills. I miss our Wednesday night classes.


Vera Chernysheva

Thank you very much for being such an amazing source of information, creativity and inspiration. Thank you for generously sharing your talent.


Alex C

Valerie Miller gently and efficiently guided me to equalize my voice, bringing a balanced, even sound to my lower, middle, and head voice. I quite simply owe my ability to sing as well as my musical development to Miss Miller. Thank you Valerie, you taught me in short order that I really could pursue a singing career. I will always return to you for coaching, as long as you will have me, and can fit me into your busy schedule!