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Independent album "Valerie," by Valerie J Miller, has topped 100k tracks sold and streamed. Listen to "Valerie"

About Valerie's Singing

Valerie’s astonishing  voice immediately grabs and holds attention, her instrument mustering the power and range of the opera and the realism and ease of pop. Valerie’s singing is exciting and passionate, intimate and expressive, revealing an artist of skill and accomplishment. Her influences include Maria Callas, Jenny Lind, Barbra Streisand, and Renée Fleming.

Watch: Ave Maria & Panis Angelicus trailer (for upcoming album "Sacred Christmas")

About Valerie's Music


Valerie J Miller's single releases, "Ave Maria" and "Panis Angelicus," from her upcoming holiday album "Sacred Christmas," are holiday favorites and classics of sacred music. Her burnished and exciting vocals convey that moving sense of awe and reverence the holiday season brings.

Valerie Miller’s  album “Valerie” evokes the sounds of  time-honored  “standards” and arias (Puccini, Verdi, Sondheim, Bach) and spans a diversity of  styles (aria, musical theater, sacred, classical) with a fresh, modern sensibility that easily embraces the Judy Collins folk classic “Secret Gardens.” 


Blog: Valerie's News

Celebrating 100,000+ tracks of my album "Valerie" sold or streamed! 

I'm posting to give a "thank you" to all of my supportive fans and fellow music lovers out there who have listened to and loved my album "Valerie.” I am told that “Valerie” has surpassed over 100k in sales and streams worldwide!

I appreciate how the album continues to be received and how people reach out to tell me how the songs touch their hearts. Its listenership has increased every year. I am so pleased to hear from you when you write emails and comment. The reception of the "Ave Maria" and "Panis Angelicus" singles last holiday season was so warmly appreciated. 

Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed all the beautiful songs and arias on the album, written by the talented composers.

Much love, -Valerie

About Valerie J Miller

Valerie Miller is a classically trained singer and actress with a Classical-Crossover charisma and style. She studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, at Manhattan School of Music with Daniel Ferro, and at Zurich Opera with Beaumont Glass. Her spinto soprano voice is characterized by its power, range, agile beauty, and exciting dramatic climaxes. A classically trained actor, Valerie studied with Miss Stella Adler, with Mary Carver, and with William Chow of the Peking Opera, by Miss Adler's special invitation. Valerie later taught at the Stella Adler Academy of Acting in Los Angeles. 

A prodigy at age two, Valerie began performing as a singer at age four and has been performing professionally ever since. She teaches singing technique, voice for the actor, and acting in her private studio, and continues to perform regularly.

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